A Magnifique Stay at Sofitel Manila!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I guess it's time to tell you about my short but sweet stay at magnifique Sofitel Manila. It's my second home and I always feel so good when I'm there. It's like I know why but it's still a mystery to me if it's the people, the place, Spiral, Le Spa, Club Millesime or the rooms that make the few days I spend there worthwhile. So together with my Mom we ventured out to the south and got ourselves ready for a relaxing day or two with this gorgeous spot along historical Manila bay. This is Sofitel Manila.

When we arrived, to tell you honestly.. I was wondering why there were so many of their people warmly welcoming us in the lobby. Heck, they even took photos of us while checking in. They explained to me that they do this once a day to very special people. Yeap, I was Guest of the Day! That means I got a free room upgrade plus the special treats that come with that. We even had our own butler during our stay, imagine that! We've never had one at home so it was something foreign. I had the pleasure of being called by name so many times by the staff just with that fact. What a wonderful way to start our stay!

 They personally helped us to our room and explained the rest of our perks. It got me so excited because I'll be experiencing Club Millesime in a bit. We got settled first and I almost didn't want to leave the room. Why? Take a look at this!

That's a comfy, soft and dreamy bed. A lounge area so you could just sit around, have a bottle of red, fruits and liver pate. An office table that's got all the connections so I can still do some work while on vacay. A large LED TV for my viewing pleasure. A grand display of goodies in our own Mini Bar plus the sweetest thing I found on the corner table.

A letter from Sofitel Manila's own GM Mr. Adam Laker. They really did go over and beyond what I expected of a Five Star Hotel! Then after all that, I looked outside the balcony and got this as another surprise! 

Mom wants to even go down and take a dip. It's an oasis.. and she says it would probably be nice to have quiet time there. Maybe read a book or two. Or in my case yes, get drunk LOL.

The bathroom had all the toiletries and more. The branded Lanvin shampoo and conditioner gave me chills! These are the times you would love to take a shower. Truth be told, I haven't had one because I got off from work and went straight here! Hehe :)

I guess this is starting to be a great stay at Sofitel Manila. Room's just perfect for Mom and I. We were hungry but I think you should just watch out for part II of my Sofitel stay. I'll tell you something about Club Millesime. It's Sofitel Manila's very own club lounge. This experience was so good I couldn't tell you our stay in one blow. If you fancy what you're seeing here, please reserve a room or two through http://www.sofitelmanila.com. It's easy and fast, they'll take care of you for sure! Plus they've got special offers every month that you should definitely take advantage. If you haven't seen my post for French Wine Week, it's not too late (you can just click it!)! Heck they've even got OKTOBERFEST lined up! :) Cheers Sofitel Manila, thank you for this wonderful treat! Just wait till you see my stories of Le Spa, Spiral and Club Millesime soon!

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