Vikings: Premiers September 29 at History Channel Asia

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I was so happy to have been able to see another talked about series ahead of the rest of Asia called VIKINGS. It's on its second season and has been able to amass its own following in the US, Europe and now Asia. It's also going to be shown on HISTORY channel which I'm so lucky about because I have it at home. You should definitely watch it on HD because it's totally worth it!

Here's a sneak peek at season II

(Video credits owned by History Channel on Youtube)

Imagine men, who promised to be brothers then went on a journey to the other end of the world. Claimed land and got victorious on different battles, but in the end met each other in different sides of the fence; end up wanting to kill each other through rough, mud and ocean water indulged brute war. It was awesome to watch the first few episodes and you'll surely get hooked seeing the twists and turns on Season II. You'll miss your Norse mythological characters all over again plus see some things more than skin, the act itself and some other unexpected scenes you would have to keep away from kids.

I highly suggest you start season 2 sitting down and concentrating on how to understand the story because even a skeptic like me really LOVED it! You will also have that time to see how honorable Ragnar Lothbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) is in the series. Plus (during the event), we even got cool stuff from the History channel too!

Vikings will be shown on HISTORY CHANNEL ASIA come September 29. It's a little late than in North America but as long as it's here I WILL PROMISE TO WATCH IT. Even if they say I'm a pagan after the show hehe. Oh and before I forget, they will be giving away a HARLEY DAVIDSON bike if you watch it on Sunday at 10PM. Just look out for the CODE WORD and enter it on Who knows, it could be you who'll win this! =)

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glentot said...

At kailangang HD kapag papanoorin! Me too I only watch 720p resolution or higher LOLJK!