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Friday, September 27, 2013

To continue my epic Sofitel Manila stay, I decided to put the piece de resistance of my stay in a separate article, because I feel it truly deserves it. I'm sure you'll love this in so many ways. Just the mention of Le Spa probably tipped you off, so let's go with that first. 

Now most of my closest friends know that I NEVER go to spas, nor do I actually do massages because I feel violated LOL. Funny as that may seem, I really am not comfortable with it other than my Dad massaging me when I don't feel well. Le Spa had me really going because just as I arrive at their facility inside Sofitel Manila, the mood was calm, collected and inviting. It was like I was in a Zen garden without the fancy shmancy rocks and sand. It had a more French vibe to it, yet presents a more Filipino approach to massage. I'm no expert in the massage department but I know they've got pretty good taste. Let's take a look at their facility shall we?

Upon arrival, they let us choose our treatment and the corresponding massages that would go well with that. They have a list of things that could better understand your current state, and some information that would help them understand how to make this experience in Le Spa memorable for you. They check on your health and see how you declare how well you've been before this massage happens. 

Le Spa also caters to your senses as they let you choose what particular song would appeal to you. They've got a wide array of music and it's all good. I chose the New Age tunes which my Mom had no clue about. She's also with me during this stay by the way because I felt she deserved to get away from our stressful house every once in a while. Ha!

Le Spa has this gorgeous place to wait on. Their taste in interiors say a lot about them. Soft comfy lounging + zen fountains + soft lights, it was really good to set the mood. I liked the time we arrived there too because there wasn't too many people. You should definitely have this on your stay. They also had us drinking something special.

Served us Ginger Tea. It wasn't too strong, but it was hot. You get a sting in the throat because it's a little spicy. I think that's where it's effect comes into play. Singers would dig this, and so did I.. I bet I'd give those crooners on TV a real tough competitor haha!

Then we proceeded to our room.

We were asked to put on robes and towels then just ring the zen bells so the masseurs would come in. They were all skilled, I did ask for a hard massage. I walk around almost all day so when they were massaging my calves, I almost screamed/swore about how good it was. Arghhh.. they found my weak spot LOL. I felt it was the best thing to do on that part of the body at that right time. Above all else, it was really relaxing and I'd really want to go back and enjoy it for a few hours (but I knew the tub was inviting!) so I had to do that later on as well. 

They also did the facial service I missed during the launch of THÉMAÉ, and boy that had me so freshened up I almost had myself for salad =D.

The tea ingredients felt and smelled right for my face. I really felt a difference right afterwards. My pores were smaller, I felt cleaner, and it was smoother than the last time I checked my skin that day. So this is how it feels on my skin, I'd really want another round of that treatment soon. THÉMAÉ just did its job, and it was awesome! The tub was also in the room!

You can probably rinse out after your massage, or settle for a hot bubbly bath right after.

Here are their other services/signature massages over at Le Spa

Original Beauty Facial by Themae (1 hour 30 minutes)
Hilot Secret (1 hour 30 minutes)
WORLD'S BEST: After Shopping Massage (1 hour)
Hotstone Rolling (1 hour 30 minutes)
Marrakech Sweetness (1 hour)
Slimming Ceremony (1 hour 30 minutes)
Siam Energy (1 hour)

Sofitel Le Spa was really one thing that I should have done the last time I went to Sofitel Manila, I'm glad I was able to do it now. It's the first time I was able to get a massage from strangers, but their people let me feel I was at home. They made me feel like royalty. I had reservations in the beginning but now, I'd wish to do this everyday. It can be addicting, the good kind of addiction that is. It's one way of truly rewarding yourself after years of working hard for the money. I must say, it's worth every penny!

To book one of their Rooms, Signature Massages or THÉMAÉ Facials please do go to http://www.sofitelmanila.com, they've got everything there! Check out why they've been hailed as one the world’s 50 best spas by Luxury Travel and Style Mag, plus take a shot of the Jardin D’Eden room which is highly recommended if you want a more high end-intimate experience!

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ZaiZai said...

LOLed at the part where you almost had yourself for salad! Ganun ka-fresh! Inggit ako sa spa experience mo, looks really pampering..and expensive! :)