The Green Baker - The Healthy Indulgence At The 3rd Ultimate Taste Test in Rockwell

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ultimate Taste Test is happening in Rockwell Tent on September 14, 2013. It's where the country's most promising home entrepreneurs dish out their favorite dishes. I've been able to luckily attend the previous ones; and I've seen a variety of artisan work put out on their recipes to be featured in this once a year "taste" festival unprecedented in the country.

This year's list of UTT confirmed participants (All 50 of them!) looked quite good and they've broken em down into four categories namely Appetizer, Main Dish, Drinks and Dessert. I've been to events like these and you've got to prepare because even if they have small servings you'll really get to have a full tummy at the end of the day. Been helplessly struggling with diets and all but this shouldn't be a reason not to be there. Heck I've even seen something good on the list. Have you heard of The Green Baker?

The Green Baker - The Healthy Indulgence!

The Green Baker is fully owned and operated by So-Made Food Enterprises, brainchild of entrepreneurs Denise and Steph Viña. They've got a stern food sciences background and culinary degrees. They brought this idea to the table to let people have something healthy on the plate when it comes to desserts.

Let's face it. Let's talk sense. You can't really find some desserts equally good when it's using healthy ingredients. It either tastes bland, or it tastes funny. Yet the only thing you want is something good, something to satisfy your cravings; and in a sense still wish you won't gain the weight or fat that comes with it.

The Green Baker realized this when they started. There aren't enough of these delightful desserts out there that could still be so good. Case in point:

Malunggay Cookie Nibblers (Php 105.00) : Sealed fresh and freshly baked, these green munchies is your destiny. For those who don't know, Malunggay increases the natural defenses of the body and provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain. It promotes metabolism, lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines because of anti oxidant properties.It also gives energy and makes the immune system of the body work more efficiently. 

With that alone, these nibblets are worth your money; best of all it tastes GOOD. You can still feel the Malunggay fibers and leaves in each bit. It's wonderful and you've got to get one to experience it. It also has Almond slivers on top so even that can get you protein and fiber you need throughout the day!

Carrot and Squash Cookie Nibblers (P 105.00) - Carrots are wonderful! It improves your vision via the Vitamin A content it has. It's said to prevent cancer, makes skin softer, prevent heart disease and is a powerful antiseptic. Squash on the other hand has almost the same benefits, plus its low in calories and makes your heart, colon, prostate and bones healthier. This is so good in so many levels plus you can still feel the carrot and squash fibers in every bite. You are sure you are getting the real deal unlike other ones that over process food.

These bite size pieces actually disappeared after a few minutes. It's also topped with walnuts which can give you added protein and fiber. It's probably nutmeg I'm tasting on the cookie too so that's way awesome in so many levels. 

Almond Ginger Cookie Nibblers (Php 150.00) - Every Asian probably know the healing benefits of Ginger. It's been in our dishes for years and the certainty of its effectiveness has been proven the world over. It has digestion friendly properties that would be good for any person, any age. It packs a little heat too so if you are more on the oriental spicy flavors, this is the perfect snack for you!

It's not too sweet and the combination of spice and cinnamon was a fresh explosion of flavors. I'd mistake this for a Chinese dessert. The almond on top also breaks the monotony of the cookies, pretty simple but still packs a spicy kick! You'll love this too!

Salt n Pepper Nibblers (Php 125.00) - Salt and Pepper has existed for years. Even before YOU have even existed while reading this piece. It's a combination said to be serendipitous because the former retains water and the latter is diuretic. It's the best thing to have on the table or even in the kitchen. It makes every dish taste whole, fuller, better.

These crunchy pieces are surprisingly good. It's simple but every bit of pepper you get is kind of a spice pop. You get to love this simple snack that you'll probably finish in minutes. Try to get one for your friends and family while you're at it.

Double Choco Orange (regular) (Php 260.00) - How can you not love a Chocolate cookie with Chocolate Chips on it? Add to that some slivers of Orange rind bits on top that will give a few chewy and tangy highlights on your cookie. 

Orange has properties that helps prevent cancer. It also prevents Kidney diseases, lowers bad cholesterol, relieves constipation, regulates high blood pressure and protects your skin. This treat is perfect for me because I need something chocolatey every after meal but this one doesn't quite let you binge. One cookie is enough for a snack and makes us perfectly full. A cup of coffee or tea is the perfect pair to go with this Green Baker masterpiece!

Cheese Mamonitos (Php 220.00/dozen) - A single look at this small window on the box made my mouth water. It was sinful to look at, let alone feel what it was like in my mouth.  As I opened the box, it was like fluffy, cloudy, sweet mamon pieces were about to send me to heaven and back.

It was light and airy. I loved it the moment I set my eyes on it. This is indeed the piece de resistance! No wonder people have been raving about it! If you want these and other "The Green Baker" products, you just gotta visit them when the Ultimate Taste Test happens in Rockwell this September 14, that's a Saturday. The good looking man himself Denise and his team would gladly tell you more about their baked goodies on the spot! If you crave for more and want to order, here's some of the items that they'll bring that weekend. 

Choco Dipped Malunggay Cookie - Php 105.00
Almond Ginger Regular Canister - Php 200.00
Pinatubo Cookie Nibblers - Php 105.00
Lemon Basil - Php 115.00
Seaweed Pistachio Nibblers - Php 265.00
Double Choco Orange Nibblers - Php 105.00
Garlic Cookie Nibblers - Php 140.00
Ampalaya Loaf - Php 235.00
Luyammies 1 Dozen - - Php 180.00
Fruit Bars 1 Dozen - Php 260.00
Banana Choco Chip Loaf - Php 160.00
Coffee Hazelnut Canister - Php 220.00

There are no cheap tricks done to make these wonderful treats. So make sure to be there on Saturday, after all you owe yourself a treat. You've been working hard and you should have a better, healthier alternative to snacks when you want it, where you want it. It's time you make your choice for a more healthy indulgence!

For more information, or bulk orders you may contact Denise Viña at 09164504876, 09177102287, Fax (632) 4333741 or email them at

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maria123 said...

it would be great if they had the nutrition facts on the packaging, to really show that the snacks are healthy; if they really are though.

yes, those products do have vegetables and other healthy stuff in them but is the amount able to be more beneficial than the unhealthy calories and fat brought on by the sugar, butter, and refined flour used?

ZaiZai said...

I didn't know malunggay has so many benefits! And it helps prevent wrinkles?! I'm gonna eat a whole malunggay tree!

maria321 said...

Finally! something I can make my kids eat without having a hard time! :)

KUMAGCOW said...

That's a vallid point. I'll let them know!