ELAN Awards 2013: Congratulations Christian Bautista!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fresh and hot off the press is the result of this year's McJIM ELAN Awards 2013. Out of a list of nominees, this popularity contest wants to name the perfect Filipino gentleman. The one that's defined to be sophisticated, manly and a class of his own. Other than that, the winning celebrity will receive P 100,000 in cold cash and a year's supply of Mc JIM products and also contribute to their chosen charity another P 100,000 cold cash.

We even saw the artist who made the first ever ELAN award trophy who got inspiration from world class art pieces. It follows that if you are ELAN, you simply must get the best to represent the ultimate class, the Filipino man.

Then he arrived... all dapper in his suit to accept the award. The first ever ELAN awardee is Mr. Christian Bautista!

Yes it's Christian Bautista! I wouldn't really know who else would actually qualify for that position at this time and age. He's got class, sophistication and the perfect embodiment of the Filipino gentleman. He will be rewarded the prizes I mentioned above, so I was excited for him too. I wonder who he chose as his charity.

He was awarded the check for P 100,000 by executives of McJIM. He was also given a couple of their products. They were all smiles as you can see. Christian Bautista had to thank his fan base which comprises most of the people in the Asian region. He's got fans in Indonesia and Malaysia too.

He also accepted the first ever award for McJIM ELAN. The sculpture represented the modern Filipino gentleman, and that's exactly what he is. =)

Then they also awarded the other P 100,000 to his chosen charity. Christian Bautista is an endorser and advocate of World Vision Philippines. It gives scholarship grants to the less fortunate. Christian Bautista is actually already paying for 9 children in this organization and it's good that this amount will go to the same organization he's helping these past few years. It will also support more students so they can go to school even if they are poor. It will help them and their families to achieve more things in life. A noble gesture indeed!

Christian Bautista continued to thank McJIM and everyone behind the 2013 ELAN Awards and told how much he appreciated that this cause has been able to help his charity. He also thanked them for recognizing him as the first ever ELAN awardee and hope the company continues to help more people in the coming years. He also thanked his fans and everyone else who voted for him as he appreciates their effort in letting him win this for his foundation. Congratulations Christian! I can't wait to see who's going to win the awards next year!

Thank you also to Mc JIM for doing this, helping their foundation is just surreal! It's good that you want to not only recognize the man, but also want to help their chosen charities. For that, kudos to you!

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