Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana Stars In Regal Film's "Let's Take A Chance!"

Friday, August 30, 2013

It's been a while since I've seen them. They've been very busy these past few months with the success of their show My Husband's Lover. Though a man less, they are gunning for a more romantic comedy film and nothing seems to be standing their way. This looks very promising as they bank for these individuals popularity and present it in a whole different perspective. This project's called "Let's Take A Chance!".

This film is directed by famed Jun Lana. He's done a lot of great projects for GMA and Regal in the past and this one's in his mind for quite some time now. Since we were in a story conference, he showed us a few slides on what he expected to see in this film. He was inspired by Korean romcom movies and series which changes date. Though it's setting are in dark alleys or streets of Seoul; they'll do it here in urban Manila. Whilst some of the scenes are going to be shot in a more eclectic setting, Carla Abellana will be seen in grand rooms of royal colors which will also be translating in her character. She's going to be totally different from her role in the MHL series and of course Tom Rodriguez won't be gay this time.

Speaking of Tom, he's one of the most neatest faces I've ever seen in public TV; and this time he's playing a good next boy neighbor type on this project. He's not that brute and machismo oozing guy but more of an all american good boy who just wanted romance..and love in his life. It's just simple dreams, simple wishes, and not trying to kick around everything into a mess. I haven't see the script that they were holding but the pegs kinda gave it away. 

Anyway, I should just give you some shots that afternoon. It's my first time to see Tom in the flesh so I think this will do just fine for your senses..

I just hope you're still breathing after seeing his shots above. It's his adventures with Carla Abellana that's really going to take interest in this film. I wonder how the courtship would look like on screen, I wonder how the romance would just unfold. One things for sure though, Director Jun Lana was certainly inspired and enthusiastic when he talked about this.

I also saw Carla Abellana. She's got one of the most beautiful faces in the industry imho. She had a multitude of questions answered that you probably have seen in some of the showbiz shows recently. Mostly those of which she got to answer herself on social media... not my cup of tea. She was also surprised that there were press people at the story conference and kept mentioning "Presscon pala to!". I had to give it to her that she maintained composure even if there were nasty questions thrown to her.

It's an easy role I guess but she's going to play with this a lot, and that in this case would make it interesting. Think about Kim Kardashian when you see her in the movie. That much.

I haven't seen JC De Vera but he will play a major role on this film. Gee Canlas will also be doing the other half, I've seen some excerpts in Ms Monteverde's twitter account which shows this. Maybe the young lady on the right will play antagonist. I didn't get to talk to her because they were kinda busy chatting. Both pretty no?

Mother Lily was obviously excited for this project. She's got the best stars to play on this film which will surely be another feather to Regal Film's hat. I'm sure it will be a hit in theaters soon, but for now let's see if we can take a glimpse behind the scenes too. I hope Regal can invite us over for their shoot. That would really be nice no?!

This is going to be fun and light with Goryo and Lira, none of those heavy dramas that may give you depression on a good day. Will the on screen pairing prove effective? It already is as far as what I'm seeing here. Congratulations to everyone who's going to be in this film! Congratulations to Director Jun Lana, Mother Lily and Regal Films!

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