The DOLE-licious Day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

It was an awesome DOLEICIOUS day last weekend when Dole put up another event at the posh Eastwood City neighborhood. Together with their endorsers, they brought fun and exciting contests to the enjoyment of the crowd. Imagine Phil Younghusband, Jon Avila, Bianca Valerio and Chef Jeremy Favia interacting and having fun with kids and adults during the "This is my DOLE" event.

I have never seen Phil this enthusiastic and so very GAME playing with his fans. It was awesome that they get to see him in a different light. He was so nice and made his portion very light. It was also the same with the other celebrities.

We were also treated to a very nice dance number by 38 degrees. They got energy like the energizer bunny. They jived to modern tunes that the crowd also enjoyed!

Then Dole announced the winners for their video contest. All the winners had their videos included in the official "This is my DOLE" commercial. Now, they're going to become celebrities too because it will be shown in public TV soon! We watched it that evening and it was so nice to see real people included in it!

Some of the winners also volunteered to perform their version of the "This is my DOLE" jingle. It was nice and they carried tunes well. The crowd even sang with them on some parts. LSS bigtime!

Phil Younghusband, Jon Avila, Bianca Valerio and Chef Jeremy Favia made sure they got their point across. They encouraged Moms, Dads, Teens, children of all ages to make it a habit to have one or more DOLE products in their diet to have the daily allowances of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber. It's not only healthy, but it's so good too!

Congratulations to DOLE for making this day worthwhile. Thank you for their awesome existence. With them in the Philippine market, we get to enjoy life's best fruit and juices in personal servings that's always available in nearby stores nationwide! I'm so looking forward to the next events with DOLE!

Addendum: We also go to meet the endorsers back stage, they were all so nice! :)

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noknok said...

would it really be aired on tv as commercials?
anyway, nice blog post.

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap I think that was the premise

KUMAGCOW said...

Thank you ah :D

Zymyxtyx Galera said...

The endorsers are really nice.. Especially Ms. Bianca.. It was really a fun night especially when they gay are trying to hug phil and accidentally slip his tongue of BJ when trying to guess Phil's gesture haha.. Tnx for hospitality and generosity Dole PH.. Never thought you will air it on public TV.. :D Kudos also to kumagcow for this post..