Abbott Introduces Glucerna 123 Challenge

Friday, August 02, 2013

People at my age constantly fear dreaded diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Being born to folks who have them just made me a little depressed because I'm surely going to have it pretty soon. The key is having a change in lifestyle and it starts now. Simple exercise and a balanced diet plus knowing proper steps to manage diabetes is the key. We were schooled about it last Thursday and it was awesome we had Glucerna to take us along a journey called the 123 challenge. It's a 12 week program specially designed for people who have diabetes. For people who have problems with this, listen up because you might learn a thing or two.

Step 1 - Manage your blood sugar response. For people who are resistant to insulin, they have a higher risk of having complications. Maintaining proper blood sugar levels means you have yo eat right and have time for exercise so you can have major impact on your own health. 
Step 2 - Help manage weight and your waistline. Increasing physical activity even in a short amount of time can make your life a little better. Coach Jim even taught us a couple of moves for a max of 4 minutes which he used to train athletes and contestants of The biggest Lose when he had a stint there. Check this out!

Now there's no excuse not to workout with these simple tips and exercise routines. :)

Step 3 - Support heart health! Because heart disease is a common complication of diabetes, it is a must to have your own personalized exercise routine designed and based on your age and activity level. It's a pretty good advise imho. I think I should do something about myself too. I've seen all the warning signs and I pretty much don't want to die at an early age. I want to accomplish my dreams first and spend my years with loved ones. I actually got my blood sugar checked in one of the kiosks during the event, I had like 274 which is way beyond the limit. This might have caused my hypertension. I have to get checked :)

Oh, I almost forgot. They've also launched an app for people with diabetes at if you want to participate. It's available for iPhone or Android smart phones so just go there and download it now! There's also a rewards program in every can if Glucerna Triple care that can get you points to use in the site :) Thanks Abbott and Glucerna! This day was awesome because of you! :)

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