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Monday, August 05, 2013

Oh CEBU! I've been dreaming about you since I left a few days ago. I couldn't believe I got the chance to finally meet you in the flesh. I wanted to experience you; maybe more like the rest of my friends and family who have been with you in the past. It's my time to see what a gem you are and thanks to The Henry Hotel, I got more than what I bargained for.

The Henry Hotel: Like No Other!

This is The Henry Hotel. It's a property owned by Mr. Detlef and May Ernst. The boutique hotel is fully managed by Hospitality International Inc. who also manages other properties such as the Joya Lofts and Towers in Rockwell, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Salcedo Village Makati (which I have done a couple of photo shoots too), Parque España Residence Hotel (which I probably will visit soon) and the posh Mondrian Residences in Alabang (read: SOSHAL). This place immediately did catch my attention with it's off beat, non conventional taste in interiors. Right off the bat, I knew they had a well clinged affinity to pop and contemporary art.

When I checked in, I was welcomed by the hotel's GM Mirro Reperuga. He took time talking to us about the hotel and also made sure we're comfy and settled. I haven't seen GM's do that too much to guests and I think that's a plus on service. Then we proceeded to our rooms.

The Henry: Like No Other!: ROOMS

It was really funny because The Henry Hotel only had the most awesome choices for rooms. The deal is, they only have HUGE rooms. Even if I was a simple guy with simple needs, I got the choice of only staying in a BIG, LARGE, X-LARGE and XX-LARGE rooms. Taken from the point of view of a customer, I want my hotel room to be spacious since at the end of the day and the tour, I would want my stay to be comfortable. You get to do so much inside and you won't feel cramped. I took the chance to take a peek at one of the BIG rooms first.

This was a little fancy. The theme of the room was probably "Casa Blanca". The movie and the room entailed a very romantic vibe. It was warm and probably meant for a couple which I realized when I looked at the bathroom which you'll see in a minute. 

I enjoyed the 36sqm of individual space they offered plus the interior's really unique. It's none of those common hotels who's had everything carpeted. They have a more industrial contemporary look. I like how it all comes together just like the other parts of the room.

It's got a comfortable king sized bed, a personal ref (with goodies that are so tempting!) and a 32-inch LCD TV to keep you entertained. Plus a love seat of your own on the side by the window. Since the room is located at the back - 3rd floor, it had an awesome view of the pool which you can also take a dip in from 8am-10pm in the evening.

The Henry's Swimming Pool - we took a dip on this too. Watch out for foreigners who frequent this spot, make friends/share a bottle of beer or two. =)

Then I also saw the bathroom. It was something unique because it didn't have any walls. It had glass panels and shower curtains over it. That's when it hit me; OH, this is meant for couples!

The toilet and bath was awesome. It was all black tiles, then white fixtures here and there. 

The usual toiletries with their own branded "The Henry Hotel" soaps, toothpaste and water, all courtesy of the hotel.  Now that's a nice touch. If you are up to something romantic, bring your wife/girlfriend along and make this your hotel destination the next time you are in Cebu. Ask for this room if it's available. If you fancy a different one, that's good because they have 49 other uniquely designed rooms available. Like this one in particular which was perfect for me!

I had a warm brick wall and simple pops of color here and there. Simple lamps on my bed side for use during the night.

I had an open closet. This is good because I can just put my things on top without fuzzing about doors. I hanged my jacket and clothes fast, which was nice since I had to go in and out of my room for tours.

I LOVE my room because I had my own office table. I had work to do so that part was quite nice. I also had the same 32 inch screen, a personal refrigerator plus a reading nook beside the window. I had to take a look what my view was aside from the street since my room was situated in front of the hotel.

Pretty sight eh? I could still see mountains, Cebu's elite residences and trees from outside my window. Then of course I had to take a look at my bathroom.

Different themes apply in the bathrooms too. This black and white thing was just so awesome. It was even nicer to see the rain shower!

This hotel is pretty much into details. Each corner, each nook has it's own art. I think I found a place which doesn't follow the norm and profoundly professes its whole being to art. It's so good to be home even in Cebu. It pays to be this stylish and artsy every once in a while. That's exactly what I felt while in these rooms from The Henry Hotel. If you are around the area or still planning where to stay in Cebu, go grab your top hat and do the right thing by getting a room or two at my home in Cebu, that's The Henry Hotel!

More of The Henry Hotel on Part II of my Cebu adventures tomorrow! Watch out for that!

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The Henry
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