Enzo Pineda: The Guy Who's Good Inside and Out!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

This guy has been so good to me. He's also good to people around him; and it really shows. A couple of days ago we were invited to a charity feeding program in the south. It's Enzo Pineda's birthday and to celebrate, he chose to spend it with kids instead of the usual hodge podge party frequented by celebrities. 

Together with his sponsors and GMA Artist Center, they planned a small feeding program in this school to help kids get properly nourished, a feat that even the DepEd and local PTA associations have been doing in the past. A little help from this nice guy right here was enough to make kids in Alabang Elementary School smile from ear to ear. 

When we talked to him, he was really happy. What's even better is that he didn't realize that his other co-stars in Kakambal ni Eliana went out of their way to also help. Steven Silva, Kimy Rodriguez, Julian Trono all spent the afternoon preparing numbers and spent their time with the kids. This was really touching as Enzo didn't really expect these very busy people to do that for him and the kids. Enzo said this is one of the things that he'll truly miss with the program that's also going to end this week. But he knows he's earned close friends because of this project and he's happy with that.

Enzo also told us about his new shows in GMA and says he's been blessed that the network trusts him this much. Yes, he's got a new series called "Dormitoryo" which viewers will find a little different. 

This time he'll be slightly scary, slightly fun as he portrays as student. He says he's going to play this a little different than the usual, and he wants to be seen off beat by changing his hair and attacking the role differently. He's glad hat he's doing this stint and plans to also do indie projects soon. He's got a lot of dreams, and I'm sure he'll make it all come true. This humble guy is going places and he's just started. 

Enzo, thank you very much for doing this to these kids. It's already a plus that you are good looking but what's better is that you are so humble. All I wish for you is continued success because from where I see it, you're already doing it right. Congratulations on your new show and happy happy birthday man! Thanks for always being so nice! :)

Thank you also to everyone who helped make this event a success! :)

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Geosef Garcia said...

A rare kind of a celebrity. I wish him more success. :)