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Monday, August 12, 2013

Sexy, sultry, everything you want to see in a woman is just in one French Filipina gal named Solenn Heussaff. I've been able to follow her career since she started as make up artist cum stylist to the stars, modelling, starring shows on TV, then doing endorsements, hosting gigs, then eventually making films here and there.

We were at the event and Solenn's closest friends and family gathered in a much awaited announcement as she takes the stage and shows why she's fit to be the newest endorser for BENCH BODY.
Close friend Georgina Wilson and Bench Executives were there to welcome Solenn to the Bench Family.
When we got settled, we waited a bit for the curtains to raise and see what's behind these. They didn't tell us right away that there's going to be a fashion show; we were all surprised when we saw the photos from the official Bench Instagram account. It pays to follow them there too so you can get behind the scenes coverage =) they even show some details I don't see on the event itself! For real!

Then it started!

European - French looking men flanked the stage and showed off the best BENCH BODY underwear, this night is just starting and it's looking HOT HOT HOT!

Different colors, shapes and cuts that fit comfortably with men, no doubt, this number one brand of underwear is showing versatility and showing others who's boss when it comes to something for your body! I mean, if it looks good on them... it will look good on you too!
Perfectly chiseled bodies, fitted underwear from the one and only Bench... so tell me, how can you top something this good? This btw is French Model Pierre, say hi girls!

Then a live band ensued playing a French number, out in the middle was a gorgeous lil gal who had all the right moves, slowly her silhouette came out from the shadows and said one thing.. it's Solenn Heussaff!
She sang a couple of French jazzy tunes and entertained the audience that evening. I like her white dress on this bit, it was grand, it was big, welcome to the BENCH Family Solenn! 

Then while she goes for a quick change, these gorgeous models show off intimate wear from BENCH. They've got big hair, smokey eyes and black numbers on them.
I love how this series looked like very Italian Vogue. This was styled by the team of Mr. Noel Manlapat. I must say, he's got good taste.

Then Solenn Heussaff came out, this time she's donning a black dress. Still, very pretty.
Then she was given a bouquet of flowers by the man himself Mr. Ben Chan. This was to formally welcome her to the Bench Family!
Solenn in turn thanked everyone who came. She also said thanks to her friends and family who supported her all these years. She's so glad to be part of the Bench family and she's looking forward to be in future projects for BENCH BODY. I can't wait to see more of her soon!

Here's a behind the scenes look on Solenn's photoshoot!

Congratulations Solenn! Here's to you and Bench! Cheers!

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zaizai salonga said...

Solenn looked gorgeous as always, but my vote goes to the European looking models! :)