Nuvali's Greenstallations!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

This weekend was a little adventurous as we chose to head down south to experience Nuvali once again. I've been indulging in art since my Cebu trip and this one's quite the same. It's not just pieces though because we're talking about world class artists on this one.

Manila's art scene was in attendance

We were also provided with this ensemble of tribal music. I must say when they picked up the nose flute we were all in a trance!

We were so honored to be in the presence of 4 great artists namely Mr. Mario Mallari Jr. (a scrap metal - eco artist), Architect Juan Carlo Calma (internationally acclaimed Architect/Interior Designer/Visual Artist) , 1996 TOYM Awardee Michael Cacnio (known for his intricate themed brass sculptures), and Eduardo Castrillo whose works include the several huge monuments in Ayala plus the People Power Monument along EDSA. I specifically like the words of Eduardo Castrillo when he talked about how this project came about when they approached him to make the sculpture. He didn't believe in competitions because it inhibits the creativity of artists so this was something of a good thing for him, more so the green responsibilities and theme that came with it. The other artists were really just elated that they get to be in the midst of people in this caliber. They have probably seen their work too.

Then they started to unveil the pieces they made for NUVALI, they call it GREENSTALLATIONS!

A toast from executives of Ayala Land, Ayala Museum, Nuvali and the artists themselves made this official. We also went to each sculpture, and got a few photos of these huge pieces. All works from the masters!

Now more than ever NUVALI will be doing something great not just with the environment but with CULTURE itself with these iconic sculptures.The majestic space will not only benefit the residents, the community and people in NUVALI but will make Filipino art known to the country, and soon the world! Each piece depicting an artist's interpretation of evoliving, something that even other countries have taken notice. It was even featured on CNN a few months ago.

World class NUVALI now has world class artwork on the grounds of their 1,860 hectare property in Laguna. It will be nurturing generations to come. From Sports, Business, Nature and Culture, they've got it covered. Congratulations to the artists, Nuvali for getting this world class artwork for Filipinos and non Filipinos around the world to enjoy!

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