OMG Take Cover! It's Swine Flu!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The world is at panic mode now that the dreaded swine flu has spread throughout southern central America and the strain is so great that there are already a number of human transmission verified in the US and Mexico. The same threat of SARS is also present but the DOH is doing everything it can to prevent the virus' entry in the Philippine shore. There are no current reports of any virus transmission in the Philippines and if ever it goes here we would probably be suffering a lot. We should do something about it.

The President has tasked DOH and the Department of Agriculture to do anything in its powers to stop the entry of any individual suspected to come in the country. Swine flu has breen proven deadly.Press Secretary Cerge Remonde said that all ports and terminals have been equipped properly to stop the spread and the importation of meat from Mexico and the US. I hope we all survive this heavy strain! Let's all pray we don't die from it! This is serious!


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