I'm taking a break!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I am spending my weekend at Galera with some of my friends. It's the famous beach off Mindoro that boasts of white sand, lotsa bars and lots of hot babes heheh.
I plan to get a ride off to Batangas Pier tomorrow morning and probably get food before I travel to Galera because the last time I was there I had the horrible experience of eating whats there. it was not ugly but it really not at par with my palate. I am not that choosy mind you but it was not that good either, I just would not like it if I come home sick because yeah I have a shift the day after X_X...

Today I also spent playing CABAL as usual because its the weekends. I also finished the quest that I was not able to do these past few weeks, maybe then I would be able to get my transcender skills which is needed to be at Class Rank 11 which would probably need to get another quest finished, one that needs me to be at the tower of the dead and kill about 5 ice zombies. I failed to do that twice because I couldn't go out at some of the doors. Sheesh!

I'm excited because tomorrow is going to be a day of rest and recreation for me. I haven't been doing that in a long time. *plunge* Weeeeee!


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