Philippines Issues Travel Advisory for Thailand

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The high and mighty (pardon the sarcasm) Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has issued travel a negative travel advisory to Thailand in the midst of the Red's occupation of government offices in the said country.

The DFA strongly suggests not to go to Thailand if the matter is not of pressing importance. Thailand has issued a state of emergency in Bangkok because of political tensions that even halted the ASEAN summit a few days ago. They seized a hotel and threatened to do more harm if the Prime Minister does not step down.

Filipinos are warned not to go where protests are being held to prevent them from getting in the plight of danger. I wonder what will happen with my former boss's vacation, I was supposed to go there too but it seems luck is with me. I think there would be some Pinoys that will lose a lot with their businesses if they buy things from that country. Specifically in the retail RTW and food businesses.


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