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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

There have been obvious need for safeguarding the copyrights of artists all over the world and this includes our country the Philippines. Billions worth of pirated software, audio and video pilfered the streets of Manila and that does not discount those who are also in the malls. The favorite past time of everyone at this side of the world is window shopping. It even coined a term "MALLING" which we treat as an adjective for going to malls, stores and establishments. That is one unique culture trait as you may know but if they continue to be the number one consumer of these illegally produced DVD and Cd's then the need to put a stop to it is vital so the music and movie industry would not get hurt in the long run. They would not be able to get a single centavo off honorariums which they earn off.

Good thing there are web sites and companies like Kerchoonz that we can go to if we want our works of art be given recognition. They pay the actual artist even if we listen to their music free. That in my dictionary is better that going the hard way, piracy is a perennial problem in this side of the world. If I remember it correctly, there were about 3 buy bust operations that was held in provinces a few minutes outside Manila and the actual value of the machines were 3 million each. This does not include the raw material for the DVD and CD which costs around 2 million dollars. This may have destroyed the hopes of artists to earn their living and a lot of people from the film industry may lose their jobs if that continued operation. I might sign up our band in this site too so we can get the ball rolling with our music. This is just great because they pay their dues to artists and it would really be a big help to a so called dying industry. It is in Beta right now, but it would be great if everyone checked it out!



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