On Trina Etong

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trina Etong, wife of famous broadcaster Ted Failon has been cremated.It took three hours to do it since 11:15AM this morning. The family has receved her urn and they plan to take it to their home in Tierra Pura, Quezon City.

Ted Failon has sent his thanks to everyone who helped supporting him and his family. He also apologized to those who were not able to go in Arlington Funeral Homes. Mr. Failon said he will try to be strong for his family, specially their two daughters. Their eldest Kaye also said in an interview that it is now time for them to heal and recover from this shocking event in their lives.

Before the actual cremation, mass was held at Arlington Crematorium Chapel led by Father Jerry Orbos. Suicide is not allowed to be celebrated in the church so they only did it in Arlington instead. The National Beureau of Investigation is still continuing to conduct its impartial probe in the Etong shooting.



badz said...

i hope trina's soul cud find peace now..
for all..comiting suicide is not the answer to get away from problems. now we can see on ted's family, it brought another problem and tragic to her daughters..

have a great day

MsRay said...

Thanks for sharing with us the news.