CABAL WIZARD at Level 109 Mercury Server

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The last quest in cabal to level up in the Completer rank would need 50 grade mission coins from frozen slaughter zombies. I tried it just now and on one use of the epaulet of dead, I only got 6 pcs out of it because I obviously did not know where to go on some of the places where it has those creatures. I would probably be able to finish this in a couple of days, but I don't know if the epaulet of dead that I have would be enough to cover 50 pcs of that. Aside from that, I got into honor rank 5 and the next honor quests require me to get inside the lake in the dusk to kill some ogres. I would probably be able to finish this in a month but that would require me to play the game everyday. I just hope I have that much time to do it.

Well, as far as the frozen tower is concerned I think I did a pretty good job of killing the creatures one by one. Although I could have had a better playtime on it if I had someone to travel with. I just hope it is enough to get the 50 coins it require because as you see if you only do it alone like I did I was not able to finish it at all. Maybe I need to study a couple of the video walkthroughs so I would be a little more familiar with the place. I'm sure to be able to get there soon, the vehicle I got free was also nice. I have my own astral bike now free for only 30 days!


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