Music and Video In Touch!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

We all got our own set of friends and we listen to different music, watch different videos and barely share them with our friends. We must have lost contact with our family, lost communication with friends. Some of them are in your social networks, but some of them rarely get on line because of work and things to do with their own lives. It's that or maybe they are too busy watching American idol.

Judging from the activity they had in the years you spent apart, you would want to at least know what your closest friends are doing. This goes the same with the things you want to also let them see too. Nobody thought about it until emTain - Your Multimedia Find Engine arrived. Now it is easier for everybody do that and put your self in the real world and share your own collections and let them see it too. To showcase your interests, favorites and anything under the sun, you can count on EMTAIN to get them through. They even got twitter and lots of other widgets on the list so make sure to be one of the first ones to get it. I'm enjoying it now so don't get left behind the next big thing since sliced bread!


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