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Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm trying to put my room together and I need a couple of things to organize my space. It's not that big though but I've thought about a theme. I have pieces passed on from my folks and I would probably use those existing ones and purchase additional furniture that would be able to complement what I already have.

I was not taking it lightly because I even watched a couple of designer shows over at the DIY channel. I know the concept of shabby chic but I think that was a little to feminine for my taste. However I really love the wood work that came with that, so I made an effort to make the hand me down furniture look new by sanding them off and putting in new coats of lacquer stain. Now it looks aged and I purposely put scratches on some of them too. With that in mind I also checked out the wood furniture over the Internet and see what else I could purchase on line. Taking that inspiration from my loft I saw the ones at Scenic Furniture and saw the ones they have that looked like natural wood. I love the raw lumber look and the mere color of it. I'm considering getting a piece but I need to probably do favors with my folks for quite a while before I can get it. Ha-ha!


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