All Terrain Vehicles Maybe?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I was planning to purchase a super bike this quarter but my previous articles tell me I should also look at the all terrain vehicles. If this stops me from getting that HONDA which I saw in Mission Impossible 3 then I probably need to sit down with my wife and talk her out of it. These are quads so we can probably use this more in the province, of which would serve that purpose since we plan to spend more time there than in Manila. If budget constraints fail to get me that 1.3 million peso super bike, this would be the next best thing I could probably purchase.

It's a little disappointing though that we do not have that much choice here unlike in MESA, AZ because they have parts and accessories for the YAMAHA RHINO 660. The Rhino though would need certain improvements as far as rollover safety is concerned because some of them were pulled out of the market. The 450 POLARIS RZR comes in a close second because of its sleek and macho looking body chassis. I like that a lot and the price is within the budget so if we plan to buy the super bike first, we can still have this for our other home in the countryside. The Polaris Ranger, Artic cat Prowler and KAWASAKI TERYX are all tied in third place performance wise. The specification says it all, but if there would be a couple of modifications done on the Rhino. it would be my personal choice. For people who are located in the Arizona area, make sure you contact TMW OFFROAD at 480-969-9261 so you can jazz up your ordinary all terrain vehicles. I wish there was something like that here.


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