The Reading Festival 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As the biggest music fan in my family second to my Dad, I always make it a point to go on local events that are in line with the materials I listen to. I mainly do this for leisure but on major concerts and VIP privileges that establishments sometimes give away, I do not stop at any point and go to these because I feel the need to belong to the IN crowd. How simple that may be for others is not so simple with me because I do not have much time in my hands. It would mean I would not be going back to the office at these times or over the weekend where I take my days off even if I am still in the running of company perfect attendance in my 4th straight year. That is just a remarkable feat for me but I sometimes feel so bad if there are international events that happen in the Philippines which I could not go to. They rarely go here often. These are no ordinary MTV concerts or the things we watch on the OPRAH show. Some flukes pass that club like the hoax that made raves and shows years ago.

On a positive note, people in Europe specifically those in the United Kingdom will be holding huge reading festivals to get people of the same interest all in one place. I hope somebody pays for my airfare come August because they will be holding it there. Reading Festival Tickets are selling like hotcakes. I hope by a stroke of luck or a wave of the wand of HARRY would do wonders for me so I can get in. So if anybody who wants to volunteer... Ha-ha!

Although that maybe of interest for me, I would like to be the first one to sit and watch FALL OUT BOY or THE PRODIGY come concert night. They are some of my favorite bands and I adore their music. Obviously even the clothes I'm wearing now are patterned to their styles. I hope I can get one because rumor has it that they are sold out!


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