The Miami Dating Scene

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just like the vacation I came back from, I was wishing for a day that could mimic the heat and ambiance of Miami. Getting splashed, frolic in the sand with gorgeous women and experience south beach. I want that awesome sunset glow, and when the sun goes down I would like to be in this place where I could celebrate MARDI GRAS where everybody parties all day... where even if I do not work it's OK.

I did also take a rest, ran my self a higher bill, and took time to enjoy the sun, sand and chill. I saw foreigners enjoying it too. Some of them get to also stay there and put up their own businesses, which is kind of favorable for me since I do like women of different races. I enjoyed that fact too because it is hard for me to even think about going to the Caribbean when I only got a few days off via fixing our schedules and asking favors to let me take a break from days in the office. I was not there to see women because I already have one of my own, but it would be nice to see miami singles too. If the saying "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" applied there, I might think of doing that so count me in on that!


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