Working with Fiber Optic Cables

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I've been slaving these past few years configuring Cable and DSL Internet connections for home and small business offices in the US and elsewhere in the globe. There are also other types I configure for common users such as satellite connections, microwave and fiber optic modules that would make ordinary people squirm a little every time the geek in me utter technical jargon for breakfast. I know how it feels and difficult it was when most switches, L1 and L2 Routers do not work as advertised and only to find out that the problems would be traced with the fiber optic cables that have breakages. It just would be arduous to check the line manually like the last time I did it for a multinational company. It would have been easier to just have it replaced immediately but thinking about the cost per feet of this material it would not be economically appropriate. The GBIC devices used to connect these switches to other SOHO and Network devices are also pricey so if there are times that it could not be replaced anymore because the warranty expired, most consumers would not dish out money for it and rather buy a new "more advanced one" instead.

I also had to work the 50 meter LC to lc multimode Duplex Patch Cable they bought for another site and have the logistics set up for that. I'm confident that I could get that to work if they had the right firmware but the one I sent them previously seem to have bounced the initial electronic mail address they gave me. The secondary one went through so we had the manageable switches updated then POOF! We have network and Internet connection working smoothly. I have not checked the status of that since I'm in a different department now, but I'm glad that worked in spite of using other brands in the network. I was afraid it would not be able to do it since the design on the GBIC connectors is proprietary with ours.

I wonder if I could take a peek at that case number I have in my notepad with the help of some of my peers who still are in that account. I fervently hope he did not have problems anymore because that was really a hard one to resolve. Lucky me they bought TCA Fiber Optic, CAT5 and CAT6 Network Cables. The mileage would definitely tell us what its worth.



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