The Ideal Getaway!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Earlier this week, my Mom asked me if we could go for a vacation a couple of hours away from my hometown Manila. The Highlands as they call it was part of the itinerary but the deal is we could not do that unless we had some of our relatives that had membership in that exclusive club to pitch us in since they are the only ones who could only do that. The couple of hundred thousand dollar membership fee a year is really a hefty price tag to pay. I would not want to have that on my account considering the economic crunch is on its way to affect our part of the world. I'm sure people would want to have an alternative that would not hurt that much on their budget. There are better alternatives though if I want to take that road.

Have you heard of places where you can avail 5 star rated accommodation at a cost so measly you won't even bother looking at the bill? It's where you have too much to spend for other things than the club membership itself to begin with. It's a place where relaxation and recreation is so affordable that you will eventually spend only a couple of hundred dollars for everything. Check these Great Deals Now so your family would enjoy what was meant only for the rich and famous. Visit and see what huge savings you can make in these locations. You'll surely love the packages and offers they have for the smart consumer in you. I'll check it out one of these days if my brother and I push through with our NY City trip early spring next year. See you there!


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