KUMAGCOW MOOOSIC REVIEWS: Bob Sinclair and His Awesome Music!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I never thought I was a fan of Bob Sinclair.. well I like almost all his songs except maybe those little unknown ones because they are not that familiar. I go to clubs and these songs are mostly played there. Some are remixed, some are not. I like the beat and everything that he makes, it makes sense they even use it for my spinning class at gym. This is something I won't get tired of listening too, it even has inspired me to blog today so you guys reading this would know. Love it so much that it makes me smile (^____^) !

His music is re worked with classics too, I don't like that idea but some of them work. Some of them fail miserably though like this one which sounded so much of an 80's genre new wave song even after all the effects put on it. The one above though is better since that is by Craig David.

I am actually a little stressed today because we transferred offices from Technoplaza One to ICITE. This place is cramped and hot. Good thing a little inspiration from Bob Sinclair perked me up today otherwise I could have turned this place apart. I'm inching to lift these tables and throw them damn cables at folks here. I am happy though that we get to meet other people from our department. I don't like them looking at me though, I feel like I'm in a fish bowl or sumthin. I hope they get to read this sometime soon hahaha.

I also enjoyed the video Gian made in her multiply account for Leo... those guys are mushy heheh...maybe they got inspired by Sarah and John Lloyd heheh ^_^.

Some weird looking guys are lurking here, I wonder who they are... well I don't care anyway hahah....


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