My Own Pepsi Break this Summer!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

was not in the mood earlier this evening and I had to take a break. I dropped 5 peso coins in our office vending machine and bought a can of Pepsi MAX. Good thing this makes me smile every once in a while. Talk about zero sugar, maximum taste and compatible with my gym regimen. Hey! I have to work out a couple of hours from now so that's not going to make me feel full.

With the several on line games I've featured here in the past, there are some which I would like you to try. Since I am drinking Pepsi a lot these days, there is a Footvolley game on their international site that you should try. Some of you may not have heard of that sport but it is just the beach version of football. This of course is perfect for the summer season so make sure you grab your gear for it. The current version is only 5 players strong and all of them are in legendary status. Graphics are nice and it looks as if you are playing 3D cardboard equivalents of the real one.

I'm a Torres fan but I hope they also include in future versions the Amazon or Gladiator figures of Britney, Pink and BEYONCE, much like in the commercials. I hope I get to have my own break this summer. That would be just fun!


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