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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am a skeptic; I only bow down to facts that make sense and things that are not out of the ordinary. There are some times that I doubt my self because there are unexplainable events in this world that even I could not comprehend. Science has tried for centuries to explain this phenomenon but to no avail. There are things that are decided by fate and a certain amount of luck.

Have you heard of FENG SHUI? The Chinese have been using this to arrange certain elements and things in their life so that the outcome of every thing that they do convert into streaks of luck. I remember a GEOMANCER once told me about how I could literally change the way of life that I have just by re-arranging the furniture and construction of my house. I was totally against it at first because I was naturally born fictional writer and what seemed to me what he was doing was quite similar. He was telling me to make certain pieces moved inside my house so that the flow of energy would be smooth and not stagnant. I was not into spirits and all that mumbo jumbo but my folks told me to give it a try. My reasoning just gave me ample amount of courage to give it a chance and so I did it.

There are also some recommended water elements he wanted to introduce but I was not into taking care of fish and livestock he might have in mind. I used fountains instead which made that corner of the house more relaxing, a thing that I need to do most. Today, I'm living an easy life but I don't think it was attributed solely to that, so I'm willing to read a couple of books about it and see what it has in store for me. Maybe there are feng shui ebooks that would be able to explain these weird things I have been hearing. I wish I could say "I believe" one of these days though.

Would you do the same just for luck? Let me know!


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