Danish Pop Superstar CHRISTOPHER in Manila

Monday, December 10, 2018

This afternoon was a little adventurous, I got to spend it with people from Warner Music Philippines and met an international artist by the name of Christopher. He’s pretty famous in Denmark and to tell you honestly it was my first time to listen to his tracks yesterday while I was doing a bit of research - that was before I came to his press conference today. When I arrived, they were still doing the sound checks, it was nice to see them all raw sitting on the couches, dressed in wife beaters and just playing around with their own music.

Check out his latest single IRONY

Here is our interview with this young man from Europe. Hold on to your horses.

Now go and download his single on Spotify and other digital stores. I specifically like his song IRONY which he told us is also his current favorite because it grows on him. It’s about social media and how it all made people in a way, miserable on some days, sometimes good. As you heard on the interview it was also mostly his experiences, but I like how he answered that part, that nobody is perfect... but he’s pretty close.

Me too.


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