A Stellar GLAD Get Together

Monday, December 10, 2018

When I went to this event a few weeks ago I thought I was going to be alone appreciating the convenience of having GLAD in our household, but little do I know there were lots of housewives, cooks and socialites who live and breathe them in the kitchen to not only cook with them, but store food in an organized and appropriate manner.

The reason I enjoy using GLAD is to keep my food fresh even if I store them in the freezer because often times they get freezer burns, turn into a rock or spoiled fast because they are not in a good place or container, which GLAD has certainly addressed in kitchens around the world.

Go check out our adventures on this day!

To make people really feel the season of giving they went to Mercato Centrale to meet even more people who are also GLAD users plus they brought along celebrities like versatile character actress Dimples Romana. They also gave away FREE rice cakes, Bibingka and Putobungbong plus teach them tons of ways you could use GLAD products for the holidays.

They also taught us a few dishes at Pottery Barn in BGC and told us a few products that they’re using like the new Ovenware which you can take in and out of the oven, then be still presentable on the dinner table, I also use the Aluminum foil on roast so it doesn’t get burned when the cooking starts. The Glad Lock laden Soup and Salad container could also keep the nice broth they made, but it was gone in minutes. They also taught us you could use the Press’n Seal in the fridge so those other stuff you can’t fit in containers would easily be stored, kept without leaks without spending so much for it. It’s a lifesaver!

Thanks to Glad for having us and letting us feel the convenience, keep it all simple, and clean.


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