Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo for "It Takes Two To Tango"

Friday, December 14, 2018

We headed to Teatrino Promenade and watched the concert of Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo, two young men who holds a lot of promise, who wants to share their gift to everyone. Honestly, I only heard about them today and yes, I am also hearing them sing for the first time. I was not expecting much, so I sat at the back and looked forward to hear from these two talented boys.

Macoy Mendoza and Kiel Alo went up on stage and got their  feet wet. Macoy says "I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, I know there were tons of hindrances and we had to be here despite the weather and huge traffic. I am thankful to have a venue to showcase our talent. We are also here to have fun, I hope we get to enjoy this evening of music."

Macoy is much of a fan of slow, melancholic music. Albeit kidding around in between songs, he kills those OPM soundtracks for lunch and snacks. Not flawless, but it takes a hint of raspiness, not common to people of his age. 

In the second segment, Kiel Alo went a little sentimental in front of his Mom whom he refers to as his first FOREVER. I must say, he's a good crooner and he showed this with his covers of classics. He says "I have performed here quite a number of times, even slept and took showers in this place (he kids) but for me, the real measure of a beauty of a song is all in its lyrics."

In the show they were joined by the Teleserye songs queen Faith Cuneta, she showed us a thing or two about how it's done via song covers of Natalie Cole and a duet with Macoy later on in the show. 

They were also supported by the one and only sentimental Jukebox Queen Imelda Papin who dished out several of her hit songs like "Isang Linggong Pagibig" (One Week Romance). She isn't even having a hard time hitting the notes. So beautiful. She says "I am just happy to be here to be one of the guest performers of Macoy, and Kiel, we all have to help new generation of singers so they can more stories, through immortalized songs." She also sang an unrehearsed number, which we all loved! She will have a concert on February 24 at the Araneta Coliseum to mark her 45th year in the business. She also teamed up with the queen, to sing Sometimes When We Touch, unbelievable.

Kiel also sang in between as he vows never to love again. 

Orville the PGT diva also performed 3 of her hit skits, made us laugh towards the end of the concert.

They ended the concert with a promise to never feel and grow old.

Now this might be just a start, but as I said they do hold a lot of promise especially Kiel. Macoy was much of a poster boy, matinee idol type, with range that may or not change with puberty... so I guess they're both going to have bright futures ahead of them. You're going places, and you've got people especially your family behind you. That alone marks success, you both are working hard. It may take some time, but in a few years you'll find your own star, your own time to shine!

Congratulations on the concert! :)

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