A Life Changing Afternoon & Experience in Tagaytay

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Last Sunday was great! 

I always had a soft spot for kids and a lot of people kinda know that. Although being a non practicing Catholic that I am it was always hard for me to show how much I love my faith and the one above. I guess I spoke too soon when I received a call early morning from Bernard Umali inviting me to go to Tagaytay. I said YES right away not knowing where we were going to. I guess in the back of my mind it was a short time away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. It was literally in the car already that I came to realize that we were going to a orphanage down South. I had hesitations going to places like these because I get traumatized leaving crying kids, but I had a feeling this one was different. Much different.

The land area was big but it didn't have enough structures on it. I didn't see anybody open the gate or see us when we arrived. I asked "Where are the kids?!"... I found out the reason why later on.
When we got there some of the kids were still sleeping. Probably because it was still Siesta Time and or the kids really were not up yet from their regular sleep. Sister Yoly Primaleon warmly greeted us when we arrived at the activity area. I think this is where they usually hold their classes/catechism activities inside the orphanage. When the kids approached us, every single one of them held our hands immediately and greeted us with "Pagmamano" a gesture I seldom see kids do nowadays in the city. That really touched me in so many ways, I was in for more. 

Small hands, feet, and a very happy demeanor inside the orphanage.
I saw the kids smiling at me. Smiling at us. It was something money couldn't buy. I felt so good while I was there but at the same time quite worried about the things that I saw. Aside from Sister Yoly, there weren't enough people around. Maybe one or two other Nuns plus a few of the more older kids helping a bit. I learned from her later on that the house currently has 30 kids and babies on their care. That only means one thing, they are undermanned. It's 6 people handling 30 kids, some of them are babies that are only a few months old. Imagine how hard it is to do this 24/7. Funding also this entire household would take a lot. There are generous individuals plus the facility they have for retreats that's funding their operations; but I know that's not enough. For those who would like to lend a hand do a good deed now and help these kids, please contact the number provided below or call Sister Yoly directly via 7883233. I hope this little article could help spread the word.

We got to distribute stuff like toys and clothes that some of our co bloggers donated during the last Saranggola Blog Awards. They also were given food courtesy of the generous people at DMCI and Bernard Umali.
The kids were quite a happy bunch. Bernard Umali got us all to sit down and interact with the kids. Early that afternoon none of the kids stuck with me because I probably was too big of a guy =) When Bernard started the story telling session, the kids listened quite profusely. They also did some of the actions/sound element of the story so it was very nice to see that. Then some of the kids started to come near me, just imagine while I was carrying a baby there were a total of 4 who wanted to sit on my lap altogether whilst listening to Bernard. If you saw us, it was just heartwarming... it really made my heart melt to see they were that excited for attention. They were that happy to give us hugs too.

It was a good thing they didn't get these kids be exploited by politicians or other individuals because they limit people taking their photos. I did the right thing blurring their faces on my site because they are minors after all.
I really felt that each small thing we did there meant quite a LOT for them because you get to feel they really wanted it... and they showed how much they really treasured it. So if you are around the area taking a vacation or just in the mood to help those who really need it please drop by their orphanage and spend time with the kids. It's the best thing to let them know that YOU care. It's also the best way of teaching them that even if they are in that situation, they are LOVED. You'll feel good you did something for these kids and your brethren.

Thank you so much to every one at the Augustinian Orphanage especially to Sister Yoly and the others for showing us around. In behalf of all the bloggers under the UBLOG group in FB, thank you for the opportunity to help you in our little way. To the bloggers and people who helped us get there, thank you so much... I learned a lot; you just don't know how much this means to me. Let's try to do this again sometime real soon!


For more information

Please visit the Orphanage or check out their Retreat House Facilities

Augustinian Sisters Servants of Jesus and Mary.
Mo. Teresa Spinelli Novitiate House,
Kabangaan Road, Iruhin West,
4120, Tagaytay City.
or call Sister Yoly Primaleon directly via 788-3233
Tel:- 046-413-39-45
Fax:- 046-860-00-16
Celphone:- 09192658058
E mail address:- srcarmenborg@yahoo.com



Bino said...

sayang di ako nakasama dito.

nakakatuwa na makita ang mga ngiti ng batan'g ito. at natutuwa ako na kahit sa munting paraan ay napasaya sila :_

ZaiZai said...

wow, this is a different yet meaningful and fun trip. natuwa siguro sayo mga kids kaya gusto sayo ma upo! :)

Mc Richard Paglicawan said...

Oh John... Inggit ako sa experince ninyo :) Anyways, I'm happy to be part of the group... though... wala man lang akong naitulong...

Sana next time, makasama at makatulong ako sa inyo. 

KUMAGCOW said...

 bawal ka pa umuwi lol

Mc Richard Paglicawan said...

Nye! Need ko nang umuwi... May project na naghihintay... Sayang naman :)

Mark Balsomo Salvador said...

Very heartwarming experience... Like you, I find it difficult to do activities like this because I find it hard to part with kids... It is difficult for a one time event, and even more so if done frequently and you get acquainted with the kids...

Nevertheless, we should not shy away from opportunities like this to share our blessings, our time and our presence - because it is a privilege...
Kudos to everyone who participated!

el toro bumingo said...

Lakas maka-Life-Changing ah! Hehehe... Sali naman ako sa FB Group n'yo :)

Bon Talampas said...

Thanks John for sharing this story! =) ulitin sa christmas uuwi ako! heheh