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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mr. Chris Haylock Asia Pacific Sales for IBM Messaging & Collaboration

Social? I must be dreaming when I heard that through IBM. I guess I was used to only hear server and management solutions with them that it's actually one of the last things I'd probably hear from them. Apparently I forgot that they actually do almost everything these days and true enough they've proven once again that the business model we usually are accustomed to is changing... and its changing so fast people have no choice but follow the social business management trail. IBM being a leader in the industry have solutions that cater to this and I must say; as a person who works in the same industry I was impressed to see what they can do on an enterprise level.

Chris Haylock,  of Asia Pacific Sales for IBM Messaging & Collaboration explained to us how these things were used to leverage getting ideas across platforms and the corporate structure. How important is it to actually get a wider scope of intelligence in the work place? Are ideas being well utilized in a better, wider scope? It's like crowd sourcing and the whole structure to support it in an enterprise level. I was beginning to think they have solutions for everything these days. I wouldn't be surprised why they have lead the industry all these years. Captcha for example was one of the things discussed. On how intelligence on a wider scale was utilized to digitize information. The error margin was smaller too because the sample was too large and chances are that when almost everyone interpreted it in a certain way, it must be the correct one. Social computing was not really too new for them to begin with because they internally even used it via their own intranet. It was like running a beta test of their own for years. 

Author of Documentation on Getting the Most Out of Your Communities with IBM Lotus Connections and Lotus Same time, Kevin O'Connor is the current Client Software Leader at IBM
Kevi O'Connel discussed how effective it is using the collective intelligence of people to enhance businesses. This particular model of business was like second nature to me and I too have been doing it for years via social media. Imagine a world without the need of external software, even make documents itself social, where most of the editing is done on browsers much like google docs or other free ones but is secured and well managed because of the structure of solutions they offer at IBM. It's like everything is in the cloud and everyone who's involved can have real time contribution to the piece. That in my books would be like a perfect world. Everything's going to be easier to resolve and the turnover time would be faster anytime, anywhere after that.

Lou Sassano, Business Unit Executive for Worldwide GB and Partner Sales was enthusiastically explaining how it works on a corporate structure.
Lou Sassano, Business Unit Executive for Worldwide GB and Partner Sales, Mr. Chris Haylock Asia Pacific Sales for IBM Messaging & Collaboration and Ferdinand Macatangay Channels Manager for IBM's Software Group

Simon Lee, Regional Executive for IBM's Portal and Social Solutions 

Social Media tools for organizational productivity and corporate culture change is unprecedented in most businesses but not with IBM. They know that it is important to spur growth at any facet of the corporate structure to maximize anyone's potential, more so if you are working in a global workforce model. IBM has continued to take Social Business model and Media seriously. To enable stakeholders and stay connected with clients on a whole different level is their idea of a smarter planet. I love their way of thinking and its quite amazing they are starting to share what they have internally to make things better for other corporations now.   

IBM Executives knows Social Business Solutions can make your business better. You know who to turn to now if you need to make your SME's or Enterprise level corporation world class. You simply cannot ignore the need for a social platform. It is happening!
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