Jason Mraz: Love is a Four Letter Word

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Jason Mraz, aside from being good looking and of course being successful in his previous albums is a Grammy award winner and songwriter that has outstanding album sales plus record breaking singles, all of which happened in just a couple of years. In the Philippines he has swooned ladies with his hits like Make it Mine, Lucky and of course I'm Yours! This is the only song that has topped the charts for a whopping 76 weeks making it the choice to be the Song of The Year way back 2010. It also earned him 2 grammy wins last year, something that artists or songwriters wouldn't be able to fathom but he was able to do it just in a couple of years!

Now he's releasing a new album properly entitled "Love Is A Four Letter Word" that talks about the ups and downs of relationships put into songs. It's one thing to experience it but its another thing to actually have these in his album. See how he puts the twists and turns into your heart, making it cry, making it playful sometimes but ultimately learning from the experience and eventually seeing something optimistic if it didn't turn out quite well. Jason Mraz is truly an artist in a whole other level. If there's one thing he'd suggest you to do, it's to get his album. Make sure you visit your favorite record bars and grab one of those CD's with Love Is A Four Letter Word printed on it! It's got lots of tracks that his current fans and new ones will absolutely adore! I don't need to convince you really, right?


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