Bactidol 12 Hour Singathon: One Great Night!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

We Filipinos love to sing and it was a grand time last Saturday to do just that. Imagine 8 or more of your barkadas singing to the tunes of 60's 70's 80's 90's and today's music in the confines of the posh VIP rooms of RED BOX in Eastwood City. It's time to test out how literally effective Bactidol is so they whipped up this 12 hour Singathon for these challengers. The winner will win 20 thousand pesos in cold cash just by finishing the whole 12 hours... That's from 12pm to 12am. This grueling task isn't easy but they did the best thing to protect them from sore throat and oral infection, they gargled with Bactidol!

It was also the first time that I saw two of the most talkative people in the morning Chico and Delamar. Being the silent rusher that I am I grabbed to opportunity to capture them with my lens whilst hosting the show. They even made me sing before the countdown as a warmup for the whole evening, but it was futile singing "I will survive" when I'm a guy LOL!

Then when the activity started i monitored the teams inside the rooms. Thinking about how many songs they had to sing that evening, they had several strategies on how to accomplish staying up those 12 hours. Some slept while others just kept awake, some just stood up and even danced to keep their energies up but it was one thing that everyone did before they started; they all gargled Bactidol.

Red Box Eastwood was so full of singers, non singers and wannabes but it was all for fun! They all sang to the tunes without hesitation. They were not allowed to semi sing these numbers or make a poem out of it. They needed to sing with all their hearts even if it rntails belting like divas or growling like rockers. Some even sang for food or drinks so they generally kept themselves hydrated and fed throughout the evening.

Aside from the 12 hour singathon, there was a challenge room where you can pit against another competitor. This will also need the help of your friends because the votes will be through online means. Some did good while others miserably failed but they were never worried and did their best for FUN! They will win lots of prizes courtesy of Bactidol of course! 

In the room, they did not only have us as audience but some celebrities went in on the fun! Kitchie Nadal, Ebe Dancel and Barbie Almalbis took everyone by surprise. They laughed and sang along with us to the delight of spectators. They even visited the rooms to check on the contestants, it was a great night indeed!

The night ended with a remarkable achievement because officially NO ONE gave up their spot and endured the whole 12 hours of videoke kingship at Red Box Eastwood. It only meant one thing, they all won 20 Thousand Smuckeroos! Yes it was that easy to win it because they all gargled BACTIDOL right from the start. I'm sure no one had problems singing more after that!

Congratulations to all the winners and for those who would like to continue voting for their peers who also joined the Bactidol Idol contest you still have time to vote on their Facebook page!

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el toro bumingo said...

Wow! Talagang 12 hours? Astig! Kumusta naman mga boses ng mga sumali? :)

sinatwork said...

OMG!!!! talagang lahat tig 20k?!?!?? waaaah!!!
gusto ko din sana sumali at mag-form ng group pero kasi may lakad ako that time :(
anyway i really like their idea of doing this 12 hour singing contest. next time 24 naman dapat. wahahaha :D