Good Food for a Good Week!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Part of the short trip down South of Manila was a gustatory adventure of sorts. It was so nice and cold there that we might in fact conclude that we deserve comfort food. It came in different ways and I did truly enjoy every bit of it. I guess the photos would speak for it self. It was much like a trip to the strand house.

LAING - Cooking TARO Leaves over first pressed thick coconut milk mixed with shrimp and pork.
Eating this unique Taro dish together with piping hot white rice is just divine! They say this can even get you a little sleepy than usual so it is suggested you eat this for lunch then straight to SIESTA.

SISIG - Chopped crunchy skin, innards, onions, garlic and pork on sizzling plate.
Think about the crunchy pair up with cold beer or white rice and this is the perfect thing for that. Don't think about anything healthy for now. This is one of the best things you should experience before you leave Manila.

BEEF BULALO - Beef bones boiled for hours plus BOKCHOI, Potato, Onions and corn.
If you are in cold weather and just happen to be in this place then it'll surely be a good thing to have hot beef goodness plus the meaty, awesome flavor of BULALO. This is a must because it is famous in this part of the world.

Chicken Barbecue - Marinated with Vinegar, Soy Sauce and ketchup overnight and tenderized naturally.
Cooking this slowly over fire would get those burn marks then add in a ketchup based sauce to make it even extra sweeter. This is the favorite of kid and adults alike. Of course it was the first thing to be eaten up that evening.

Steamed PLAPLA - Steamed and covered up with Banana Leaves and inserted with tomatoes, onions and a little ginger.
This lovely fish isn't too fishy and just have the right amount of saltiness. For those who would love to have something good and healthy this is a perfect fit! You can pair this up with rice just like we all do.

LECHE FLAN - Egg yolks, sugar, milk and caramel. This ends your meal.
Dessert doesn't come sweeter than this particular concoction of Egg Yolk, Sugar, Evaporated Milk and Caramel. This gets steamed until the top part becomes firm then flipped over so the caramel oozes down for all the right things. I just love it; we had to ask for seconds. Nothing was left of this to take home.

I love this weekend! I love comfort food!



el toro bumingo said...

Are you using a Nikon DSLR? Yung chicken barbeque kasi parang pulang-pula. Oversaturated yung color or talagang pulang-pula lang yung sauce? Hehehe. Ang sarap naman ng Laing! Ang sarap din tignan ng Lech Flan. Bakit yung Tilapia parang conservative at ayaw pakita yung pagkaka-luto sa kanya? :)

KUMAGCOW said...

Nope I didn't saturate that. They really prepared it like that in Tagaytay. Nagmumura sa pula talaga hahaah