"Just Roasted Coffee" at Bo's Coffee!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Coffee among a lot of things is an addiction for me. It's the only thing that can perk me up on a sleepy evening in the office where I need to be productive and awake. I frequent this particular one when they had a branch in the SM North Edsa Gardens a couple of years ago. I worked in the Eastern part of Manila so I didn't get the chance to go out that much in SM or Trinoma's area. A lot has definitely changed and I was so glad to have had the chance to see what's in store for Bo's Coffee. Yes, it's that quaint brand which has its roots from Cebu. They have a new branch in SM City Annex so it was the perfect time to get to know a couple of things about them.

Sitting right across me on the table was an Amaretto Biscotti. It's one of their newest drinks and it was pretty much second nature for me to ask about it. I know what biscotti means because I have learned to cook Italian, I know what Amaretto means (because I mix some drinks and foodstuff with almond) but why in a beverage?

Well, I got to say... it's quite a wonderful concoction. You have your taste of coffee and get that crunchy- savory biscuit texture. Not too sweet as a matter of fact. They paired this up with one the all time favorite Super Moist Chocolate Cake!

I actually tried to save some of it for later but to my surprise I finished this in a few minutes. They've got a hefty battle in their hands as far as cakes go in the industry. This one's extra nice because they care about details, that's 's a plus in my books!

They've got a lot of things in their shelves and I bet you probably should take a look at some of the other things there as well to enjoy your coffee break. I specifically would probably try the cookies and sandwiches which I heard they make a fresh batch of everyday.

Some of their stores actually serve breakfast all day everyday so if you are up for a HOT hearty meal then you can opt for that instead! 

I see a very promising Philippine based business flourishing whenever I see Bo's Coffee now. It'll continue to challenge the world's best with their brand of coffee and best of all, its getting the attention that they need. Tip: Make sure you try out their Froccino's, I've heard raves about it and I'm sure it wouldn't disappoint! 

Bo's Coffee 

Bo's Coffee from its humble beginnings at the Ayala Center Cebu kiosk was just a dream for Mr. Steve Benitez, Founder and CEO of Bo's Coffee. Nobody thought they would actually be this successful but they all attribute everything to the quality of coffee and food they serve. The Manila and Cebu branch actually source their coffee locally (Cavite) so upon roasting the beans they have a definite time frame before grinding and ending in your cup. Everything's fresh and they make it a point to show you how they prepare everything from scratch. Their philosophy calls for "Only the Freshest" "Just Roasted Coffee" goodness. 

Some of our Blogger friends and the good people from Bo's Coffee, Ms. Anna Francesca Rosales - Marketing Officer (2nd from left), Ms. Ana Liza Benitez - Asst. Marketing Manager (3rd from left), Mr. Jancy Seva -Quality Assurance for Luzon (far right) and Mr.Jojo Cayabyab - Operations Manager (2nd to the right). Also on the shot is Ms. Joy Reynaldo, Chief Navigator of Magnetic North Enterprises (beside Mr. Cayabyab).

Their thrust for this year is expansion. Together with their franchise options I'm sure they'll have a lot of other stores here in Manila and elsewhere in Luzon. They have high visibility now in the islands and other Visayan provinces. They've got one of the best commissaries in the Philippines and they have continued to provide quality food products and services. Bo's Coffee will surely be near you, sooner than you think!

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el toro bumingo said...

Once pa lang ako naka-inom ng coffee sa Bo's Cafe (sa MoA with my good friend Sef). It was a very memorable experience :)

Hazel said...

ang sarap ng bo's coffee :)