The Avengers on 3D!

Monday, April 30, 2012

It was a nice night for heroes. Yes, I together with hundreds of people watched THE AVENGERS on 3D last and honestly it is my first time to watch it in SM.  Although it wasn't as 3D as I would like it to be (note to SM) I appreciated the gesture of these good people. I watched it for free courtesy of the good people who manage the official licensed merchandise of the Avengers in the Philippines. I would really want to have some bought but they didn't have it in my size. But they are available for kids! It is now available at SM's Character Shop and Children's Wear via their Department Stores nationwide!

Check out what I saw that evening!

I would buy the merchandise if it weren't for kids. I'm sure you would too if you have kids at home. It's time to inspire them and make them your own small heroes. =) Buy ORIGINAL!

AVENGER'S Assemble!



Bino said...

parang bading si Thor shet. 

KUMAGCOW said...


el toro bumingo said...

Ang pogi ni Hawkeye :)