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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

It was one fine day when I decided to drop by a friends event in the South particularly in Fiesta Mall Alabang. I haven't been there for quite a while probably a year or more but it was high time to do it so I could check out what the buzz is about SPYDER. It's a brand carrying sun glasses, watches, motorcycle gears, helmets and accessories. For guys like me, this is staple. I needed to be there for real.

 Judah Paolo, another guy and a girl (sorry I'm a dumb-ass at remembering names) hosted the launch and they pretty much gave us a glimpse of what's in store for 2012 for SPYDER. This brand has made remarkable achievements in the Philippine market and why not, I've seen them there and without batting an eyelash; I see that they are of good quality. I chose a couple of items from the shelf and liked a few things. I'm not a motorcycle rider but I am a very much an advocate of safety. My best friend encountered an accident a couple of years ago which literally changed his life and ours. This was somehow one of the things discussed in the launch. It is very important for me personally.

For every purchase of SPYDER helmets you may have the option of purchasing additional accident insurance for a measly 150 Pesos. Yes you heard that right, they can cover you for 100,000 for each piece purchased. That's not event the cost of papers made for the arrangements to get one. It's like almost free if you ask me. In the Philippines, health care is so expensive and if someone throws this in with just their product in the mix, you definitely get the best of both worlds.

SPYDER Optics Line

The choices were very good. Their line mostly consists of heavily tinted ones since this probably is designed for our weather. If you traveled through the streets of Manila in the afternoon, you definitely need to cover up. The sweltering heat of the sun isn't too kind on your skin, more so your sensitive eyes. 

As for the styles, it is varied but they are more on the sporty side. I guess this is geared more towards the cycling market. The overall aesthetic is still modern though. The colors are impeccably chosen well. If I had to choose one to be my favorite, it would be this one here.

It's got the right amount of tint, style and color. Wish I had it really.

SPYDER Timepieces

It was a mix of classy and sporty ones. Definitely what a guy would want in an activity or just plain "dress to impress events. 

White with silver details on the outer frame and white strap to come with it. This would definitely fit me for everyday use in the office.

 SPYDER watches are built strong. Some pieces like this one even have huge metal screws on them. Quite something impressive and not bargained for in a watch, but hey they throw it in your way.

Details of the inner body of the watch also is designed well. As you can see even the color is nice!

SPYDER Helmets

For bike and motorcycle enthusiasts, it is under the law to wear helmets. This would account to around 90% of lives saved because of solely wearing it. SPYDER has got a line of heavy duty helmets both for motorbikes and manual ones. I had my picks but I probably would get you more engaged in this if I show you the nice ones from the rack. 

You can choose between designs and engineered ones for Mountain Trails, the City and Sports. It is made to last the weather and conditions in the country so if you are looking for the perfect gear, make sure you take a look at what they have to offer.

SPYDER Assist Program

President and CEO Lal of Roshan Commmercial Corporation, distributor of Spyder Helmets & Optics in the Philippines takes pride in bringing this brand into greater heights as they offer the SPYDER ASSIST PROGRAM. For 150 Pesos right after your purchase, you get the peace of mind you need because you are insured. It's definitely worth it! Make sure you avail of this before you walk out of the store.

I remember what Judah said when he asked Sir Lal about this program and the brand. He definitely cares about it and he enthusiastically wanted to help. That's why they are thinking of ways how to make it easier with Filipinos. That alone convinces me, SPYDER is the real thing.

For the people behind SPYDER Helmets & Optics and Roshan Commmercial Corporation, thank you very much for everything! Congratulations also to the winners!

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