Manscaping Tools From Romano Philippines: The STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer

Monday, January 18, 2021

Sitting in your room all curled up with a cup of cocoa and Netflix? Hey man, how you doin? Have you already taken a bath? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror and told yourself how horrible you look today? Well, you've got to do something about it because your wife or girlfriend can smell you from a mile away. That's just wrong, that's nasty. :(

Grooming is essential, especially for men. Your woman wouldn't want a smelly boy when you're out on a date or even at home. Your skin tells your age, and if you don't take care of it, expose it much under the sun, you'll get a lot of your friends and family tell you that you look old. If you abuse it, not take care of it, then you will suffer the consequences of not looking and feeling good than people who lived in this planet the same time that you do. Are you a hairy guy like me? Do you have hair growing in different parts of your body that you would rather not have? I do too. Some Filipinos are actually like that and yes, in some instances, it's normal. If you're like me who doesn't like the aesthetic of unmanageable and unruly hair, I'd rather have it taken out either by manually shaving it off (which I do quite regularly). 

It's a little difficult to do it on other areas because of the uneven landscape especially on the privates where nicks and bumps happen. That's just not an option for a lot of men because of the discomfort you get just because you shaved it. There exists Romano Philippines who now have essentials that you can use to get rid of those problems with their premium manscaping tools. Exhibit A, this is their STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer. This is the same thing professionals use in salons and barbershops to buzz cut hair. I also used this to cut most of my facial hair, to shape my beard, take out things in my chest, ear, and just about everywhere on my body. 


I still dig the leg hair so I left that part out. But for most of the face, you can use this to leave a stubble then take care of the rest with a razor if you want a cleaner shave. Although, I like the look of having a stubble so this was enough for everything. This would be something good to include in your grooming kits. I can imagine using this for the bulk of the work I need to do in trimming, then use a smaller one to sculpt or a plain razor to do the rest. But really, this has done quite a remarkable job that I didn't even need to have that because it does a close shave already. Now make sure you also utilize a clear mirror so you can see the things you can do if you decide to wear a beard or mustache. It takes a little getting used to if you want to sculpt things. Like in my case, I wear a beard so it could lengthen my face and look like I've lost weight LOL.

Now aside from the STRIGIL SafeCut Trimmer, they've also got an After-Trim Body Cleanser. This does the job, leaves your skin still supple and prevents it from becoming super dry. This thing has Aloe Vera which makes your skin feel cool and hydrated. This is pretty necessary right after the trimmer work you had. It also smells nice too, like a fainter, more manlier version of a popular men's perfume. I prefer it that way rather than making it a bit too musky or with leather notes. Some women can't really stand that sometimes. This one also feels fresh and something you'll love to wear after you take a shower, it doesn't smell like strong soap or chemically induced.

This is also very affordable, the replacement blade can also be sourced from the same store. They are a local brand and they want to spark change in the way the Filipino man depicts hygiene. They want heightened standards to make sure you feel good inside and outside when you use their essentials. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I've been satisfied overall. I even feel I can use this to have a haircut or facial hair (which I did for sampling), but it's special, I'd rather use it for just grooming THAT alone. Add to that, my own obsession with moisturizers before I sleep and after washing my face in the morning, I guess that's a good thing. Watch our unboxing here!



 Now if you fancy getting these, they're available at or their IG account @romanoesntls, Remember, 72% of women actually want their man trimmed. You know what to do. This would also be a nice thing to gift your husbands, boyfriends or just that guy who wants to keep clean. Can't stop you from doing that!


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