PH Apps To Survive the Pandemic

Thursday, January 28, 2021

You and I have been stuck at home and probably, you're not going to be able to go out soon. I wish it was easier, to find work, earn a living and still provide food on the table for your family. But for all your online transactions, here's a short list of apps you may need to make it easier living in this pandemic. 


Small business driven and in Taglish, this one caters to the MSME's. Inclusion is good, and saving a little doesn't hurt, this would be a good place to start for small business men/women.

Home Credit

If you need appliances, gadgets, things that could start your business or perhaps make your existing one grow, Home Credit is already visible in different establishments in the country. They also issue credit cards, the first of which isn't a bank. Scan QR instead of swiping for a more secure transaction, minimal requirements, you can get your loans here in a jiffy.


When you're a little non techy and can't get an app installed on your phone, don't worry because EastWest has AI Powered ESTA which you can talk and transact with all in your Facebook Messenger app. Easy to understand, even if you're not FB smart, they made it easier for you to have bank access because, why not?

GCASH and PayMaya

I've been using the two for almost all my digital transactions. Pay for shopping, groceries, medicine, food from restaurants, payment in other apps, they do quite a lot. I also use this for paying bills, services, sending money here and abroad, paying for government dues, and it's quite convenient to have especially this time when we can't go out.

You can survive this pandemic, like most of us, and if you're having trouble, these apps can help you quite well.

Try it out. Things will get better.


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