PayMaya Powers Cashless Payments at Philippine Statistics Authority

Friday, January 08, 2021

This is getting very interesting. For starters, it's a good thing that the government is finally adapting to cashless payments and to note, there's about 60 agencies that have already partnered with PayMaya. I've been using the app for a lot of things during the quarantine period which started about a year ago. Little did we know we're up for this huh?

Anyway, government transactions has always been important especially if you're bound to travel places, or to prove your identity, or have someone investigated especially if they're married or not LOL. Anyway, you and I know how important these documents are and yes, you only get them in the Philippine Statistics Authority. So if you're looking for birth certificates, death or civil registry, it's going to be easier and safer to pay for it now because they've managed to adapt to cashless payment with PayMaya. Thing is, this is just the start because soon, they're also going to be including the online channels of PSA too in the future. That means, everything will be online if that happens and imagine how convenient would that be if you're just going to wait at home and have those documents delivered to your doorstep. Ahh the convenience of technology.

Oh and of course if there's a PayMaya terminal, they would be able to use credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards too. So if you're not carrying your PayMaya app or card, you don't need to worry because they can take that too. By the way, if you don't have PayMaya yet, go download it off Google Play or the App Store and use my code 2JH7062 so you can get 100 bucks for free. 


Isn't that a good thing?


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