Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo On The Last Episode of The House Arrest of Us

Friday, January 15, 2021


It's both a sad and a happy occasion for lovebirds Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as they are about to have their last episode this Saturday on ktx.ph. The feeling I got during our interview a few days ago was the same because we're surely going to miss them being Q and Corics, but on hindsight, we could be actually seeing them soon in a new series over at A2Z where they are doing shows now since abscbn has been shutdown by some people who we will not mention LOL.

Anyway, during the blogcon, they said a lot of things that they will surely miss about the series. The House Arrest of Us was a chance to work with other artists for the first time.

Kathryn says "More than anything Daniel and I really know that time is really important. We don't know what will happen in the coming months. About his cooking, sometimes it's good especially his Katsudon. We learned a lot from this show, it's about family, both sides, how ready we are before marriage and how you and your partner prepare for it. It's automatic every episode, there is lesson every 20-30mins they spend on it. Sometimes the scenes are actually patterned to us, we were interviewed by them, (the writers) we also needed to eat together (like any Filipino family), so there is a personal touch prior to shooting the show. We believe in having no secrets because the relationship is going to be affected.That's what I learned from Q and Corics. For us, marriage is a lifetime partnership, once you enter that you won't leave each other, you have to be together. We just want to take care of ourselves, our family, that's why we look out for each other."

Daniel says "Grabe, we were just talking a few weeks ago and now we are here in the finale blogcon. About her cooking, I love her pasta, mashed potato, grilled cheese. It's not a joke entering marriage, you have to be fully committed, you have to be ready, it's very exciting to be in that moment but you have to be ready mentally emotionally and physically. It has to be balanced, there ought to be compromise, it's not about egos, about who's wrong or right, you have to help each other, it's not a contest. I wish the project would materialize this year, a lot of people are waiting for that. I hope we get to still give each other patience, I don't focus on myself these days, just health. If we are healthy, we can do so much more."

Check out some good questions I asked them during the blog conference. Including what makes them perfect for each other. These guys also sang my questions hahaha!

 Now if you still haven't seen the show, there's still time to do that over at ktx.ph and see the last episode tomorrow. It's not that expensive either, so go see it if you're truly a #KathNiel fan. These guys are humble, romantic, and amazing on screen! Yes, even in person!


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