The Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza

Saturday, April 09, 2016

I was feeling a little down and tired a few days ago. Our doorbell rang and the young rider looked for me when I opened the gate. He handed me this lovely box that contains the new Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza. I couldn't believe my eyes. Imagine the thin crispy crust smothered with fresh tomato based pizza sauce, tangy and sweet pineapple tidbits, slivers of green bell pepper pieces, slices of spiced sweet ham then covered in tons of cheese. Is this heaven?

Hot and fresh out of the oven, this got delivered in less than an 30 minutes. I love the combination of sweet, savory and tangy. It mimics freshness, but doesn't fail to make you full with a couple of bites. This isn't the first time that Greenwich actually evolved their pizzas and I'm really sure this wouldn't be the last. It's pretty much the same Greenwich Hawaiian Pizza goodness but OVERLOADED with ingredients. I want tons of cheese on my pizza, and this just makes it so good. Thanks to our Greenwich Kabarkada!

The next time you feel hungry, and you've got friends and family around you, call 55-555 and have one delivered to your doorstep. It's the best decision I made last week, my friends all agree. Now don't deprive yourself, this is healthy. You'll get a lot of fiber off of the pineapple and additional vitamin C. It's also protein rich since you have ham in it. Need I say more? Remember, friends ALWAYS SHARE the BEST!


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