Dove Men + Care Invisible Dry Tested on 100 Colors of Cotton Fabric

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hi people! I'm John, and just like many of you, I'm fond of wearing black shirts. It could be any shirt, any color, but I'm fond of it because it makes me look thin. I'm sure some of you probably know that. 

The problem with wearing clothes of this nature is, when you use deodorants and it ain't that dry, it gets caught in it. I painstakingly make sure I don't do that but kinda forget when I'm in a hurry. You see, if you're not careful, it will really damage your clothes no matter what material that is. I'm sure you've experienced that, seeing your thousand pesos worth of cotton shirts ruined in one use. That's not a good thing. Dove Men Care has something up their sleeve though, it makes you "not think at all" about your clothing when you use it everyday. Have you heard of invisible dry?

Now if you're worried about white deodorant stains on your clothes, this antiperspirant from Dove Men Care won't do that at all. It's alcohol free, works 48 hours and has moisturizer so you won't get irritated. That's quite reassuring to know especially when it's hot outside and you know it will cause US Filipino men to sweat profusely. I mean, would you hang out with men when you see this on their clothes? That's just nasty, and if you think about it, if countless men have been having this problem and they stand beside you in buses or MRT trains, wouldn't that be a yucky moment? Exactly, that's why they probably made something to get that fixed.

Dove Men Care wants you to enjoy your day and never have to deal with any of these unhygienic things on your head. Aside from that, they've made it convenient for you to use if you prefer it in spray form or roll-on's which are still popular in the country. 

In this hot weather, men shouldn't be the one ending up smelly. Men should take care of themselves much like their family. Make sure you stock up on needed underarm care and get the best there is in the market without worrying about that shirt getting ruined. Women should get their men educated too, a little reminder won't hurt. This is technology in a bottle, which should be welcomed with open arms without that nasty thing under it. This has been done in 100 colors of fabric, have you heard the other brands do that? No.


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