My Experience at Make Your Own Havaianas 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Went to SM Megamall's Fashion Hall to take first dibs at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 event. It's an annual reaveal of the well loved Brazilian brand and this year they're taking us to Japan. As you may know, a large population of Japanese expats actually are in Brazil and they have pretty much incalcated their culture there too. 

If you know what a Zori is, then you're okay but if not, then I'd have to tell you that it's those cute little slippers made of straw worn in Japan for decades. This is one of the things that influenced the brand to make comfy Havaianas and they are paying homage to their origins.

Making your own Havaianas is easy, they even went to arrange pre-designed ones so if you're not in a creative mood, then just point and tell them your size, that easy. 

They have big sizes for men, I think up to size 13 so you wouldn't really have a hard time choosing one. For the ladies, don't worry because I think they even can go to the kids sizes if needed.

The pins are so cute! I wanted them all but it'll look messy so I only had 6. I chose Japan, Ninja, the Ramen Bowl, Geisha and Konnichiwa pins. It was so kawaii!

It was awesome also seeing them make it for you live! They carefully put in the pins and inserted the strap on the rubber slipper. 

And voila! Here's my official Havaianas custom made pair :) I'm a very happy boy! 

They also had us customize the bags where we'll put out Havaianas pairs into. So I stamped away and made bracelets as part of the package. If my hunch is correct you can only have 2 pins free for the MYOH2016 but you can always add more for Php 150 each!

Now I've got my 4th pair! I can't wait to see the one for next year! :) So hurry and rush to major malls and get your own customized pair of Havaianas today up until the 24th of April! 

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