TV5 Quiz Show "Barangay Utakan" Now on it's Second Season

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It was fun and super funny to have witnessed the first season of "Barangay Utakan", a game show designed to outwit, outsmart and outplay communities via a quiz show featuring current events and news seen on the happiest network in the country TV5. It is designed to promote community spirit, and camaraderie while they pit townships from different cities and have them battle it out on either smartness or ingenuity. 

It has been copied by other TV stations but they say, nothing really beats the original. This is also hosted by internet action superstar Ramon Bautista, the one and only machismo inlaw Jun "bayaw" Sabayton and smart guy cum Palanca Awardee Lourd De Veyra. They'll get you in on the most pressing issues this country has been going through and will also educate the general public about it. They'll also have bombshell co-hosts Bea Benedicto and Nikki Veron to give an even better impression that even the female form can do it. 

The man behind this show is RA Rivera and he says "This is designed to make communities about their innate quality of nationalism and teamwork. It is something unique and informative, and we want sports or activities to be the driving force in transforming communities."

Make sure you watch the show 9PM every Sunday on the happiest network in the country TV5!


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