Four Basic Bakery Business Plans

Monday, April 25, 2016

There are a lot of people who are very adept at baking. They are the people who everyone calls when they need a cake for an anniversary, a going away party, or a retirement party. These are the individuals who make doughnuts that everyone could die for. Usually, when a person is good at baking, their friends are trying to encourage them to sell their baked goods for a profit. However, opening a successful bakery is a lot harder than it sounds. However, it can be done successfully with little skill and a little know-how.

When it comes to starting a successful bakery, the plan is everything. The first part of the plan must include deciding the type of bakery to open. In order to do this an individual must look at what their financial goals are with the bakery, what type of items they bake, and how much money they have at their disposal to start their bakery.

Armed with this information, a person will have to decide if they want to start one of the following four types of bakeries:

The first type is a bakery that operates primarily online. The benefit of this is that there is no storefront for the bakery. There is no rental of a bakery space. Starting on online with just a few pictures of the items you have baked on a website is a great way to start and run a bakery from home.

The second bakery option is a customer service bakery. Customers can come up to a bakery window, order what they want, and go about their day. However, this bakery does not have seats for the customers to sit in.

The third option is a specialty service. A specialty service is where you decide that you are only going to make a certain type of baked good, but you make it better than anyone else. These types of businesses can be run from home, or a person may opt to rent the space for their specialty bakery.

The final option is a sit down bakery. This is more complicated and it requires renting or buying baking equipment, including large ovens, bakery trays equipped with bakery casters, tables, chairs, and a whole host of other appliances that are needed to provide drinks and other services to your customers.

Being able to bake delicious food is a gift that not everyone has. This gift can be turned into a awesome business that can have a positive impact on a person’s life. All that it requires is a little fortitude and a good plan.


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