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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

When news about her arrival in the Philippines was out a few days ago, I was excited to cover because I find Sandara a little quirky than the usual international performer. She might be already in +2NE1 but she never get to be an entitled artist and only answered in Filipino when she was asked during the press conference for Penshoppe. I find her humility attractive, let alone her fashion statement since she's been wearing this brand since high school. She felt that it was serendipity even if she could only afford a few shirts back then and she was so happy that she got to work with the actual brand now.

During the press conference, she wasn't really asked by the press. They kinda filtered the questions and the only ones asked were about her experience going back to the Philippines and not much about parts of her collection. She mentioned though that she's very much a shirt and jeans kind of girl so if it's just a simple day she'd really wear Penshoppe as it is comfy.

She's very funny, in a witty but subtle kind of way. I wanted to ask her about her summer essentials but didn't get picked for the questions, I didn't feel bad though. I must have asked a hard one on paper so they didn't choose mine.

Jeff Bascon, the Brand Director for Penshoppe welcomed the 2NE1 star. He's happy that she's now a part of the brand where he says she's a perfect fit. I completely agree. I didn't get to see the fashion show in Trinoma though, because they wanted us to sit a few rows in the back. I didn't plan to shoot heads of people I don't know as with any other fashion show I've been to (I call that a caste system, which has been phased out in New York Fashion Week ages ago) and the stage wasn't even raised so how can I shoot from there. That's a no-no for me. So I felt bad, really really bad and left before they even started. Anyway, I got decent shots of Sandara during the press conference, so I think this will be sufficient. She wore a white denim number and a shirt inside, looked cute.


Here's part of Sandara's interview where she was asked questions by VJ Chino Lui Pio. Enjoy!

She's happy. Penshoppe is international. I'll probably get over not having to shoot the fashion show, so sorry for not showing you any of the clothes featured there. Maybe if I visit their store I'll have them on Instagram, so again my apologies for not having the freaking runway show covered. 

Thanks Penshoppe!


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