Results Coming Out Today : The JD Set Philippines!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

September 1st marks the start of a bigger celebration for Jack Daniels in this side of the world. The ongoing JD Set Philippines will be announcing the first tally of votes today to find out who's Number 1. It's time to choose the best band among the Jack's Chosen 7 and see how they fare against the other bands. Make sure you get your votes counted! If you haven't voted yet just go ahead and like The JD SET Philippines Facebook page first!

Choose among these 7 bands by clicking their names below!

It's the best bands in the country fighting for that top spot so if you know how to rock their way make sure you get that bottle of Jack and vote now!

Who's your pick?! =)

/* photography on the last 3 were done by Aldwin Aspillera as part of PR


1 comment:

ZaiZai said...

paramita! i love them! :)